Dry Cleaning


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Wash U Wash offers dry cleaning services to all students. Prepaid plans are not necessary in order to use our dry cleaning services. Items are charged on a per-item basis and prices may vary depending on material.
Business Shirt: $2.50
Pants: $6.50
Polo Shirt: $6.50
Skirts: $6.50-$8.25
Sweaters: $6.50
Suits (2 piece): $13.00
Suits (3 piece): $17.00
Blouses: $6.50
Sport Coats/Blazers: $7.00
Dresses: Variable
Pillow Sham: $4.00 – $7.00
Bed Ruffles: $14.00
Blankets (all sizes): $8.50
Ties: 5.00

Raincoats/Trench Coats: $14.00
Medium Jackets: $9.75 – $14.00
Long/Heavy/Overcoats: $14.00+
Sport Coats/Blazers: $7.00

Standard Comforters
Twin/Full: $21.00
Queen: $23.50
King: $28.00

Special Comforter (wool/satin)
Twin/Full: $22.00
Queen: $25.00
King: $30.00

Small: $4.50
Large: $7.00
King: $8.50

*Prices may vary slightly depending on garment material, stains, or other factors. Specialty laundry is not included in subscription plans. Blankets and comforters are charged separately.

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Business Shirt, Pants, Polo Shirt, Skirts, Sweaters, Suits (2 piece), Suits (3 piece), Blouses, Sports Coat/Blazer, Dresses, Pillow Sham, Bed Ruffles, Blankets, Raincoats, Medium Jackets, Long/Heavy Overcoats, Sports Coats/Blazers, Twin/Full Comforter, Queen Comforter, King Comforter