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General FAQ

What is the refund policy?

We will give a full refund within 30 days of not using your service after purchase.

What are the Wash U Wash Hours of Operation?

Mondays 7-9 PM
Wednesdays 7-9 PM
Fridays 3-5 PM

What is a Wash U Wash business day?

Dirty laundry or dry cleaning received on a Monday will be washed and folded or dry cleaned by Wednesday. Similarly items received on a Wednesday will be taken care of by Friday, and items received on a Friday will be ready on Monday. Each turnaround time is denoted as one Wash U Wash business day. All services are completed in one Wash U Wash business day unless otherwise noted.

Where is the Wash U Wash store located?

Our store is located in the Gregg House Storefronts on the South 40 of the Washington University Campus. If you are walking to main campus from the South 40, our store will be on your left as you pass the clock tower.

What is the Pick Up schedule for Pick Up and Delivery service?

Laundry will be picked up from these dorms on the following days”:

Monday: Lien, Dardick, Nemerov, Lee, Dauten, Rutledge, Beaumont, Danforth, Shepley, Wheeler, Park, and Mudd
Wednesday: Umrath, Gregg, South 40 House, Liggett, Koenig, Eliot A/B, Myers, Hurd, and Heitzman
Friday: Lopata, Millbrook, Village, Village East, Lofts, Greek life housing, and off-campus housing

What is the One-Time Wash service and how does it work?

Students who don’t plan on using our service very often can choose to pay by the pound for individual bags of laundry to be washed and folded. We call this service One- Time Wash. Students will bring their laundry to the storefront where it will be weighed and ready to be picked up on our next Wash U Wash business day. This service does not require any prepaid plan. Each pound of laundry costs $1.50.

Do I have to label my clothes?

No, you will get a Wash U Wash Laundry Bag with your own unique ID number on it. In addition to this, everybody’s laundry is washed separately, so there is no need to label.

When can I get my Wash U Wash laundry bag?

You can pick up your laundry bag during Freshman Move-In and Orientation. The store will be open with a table set up outside the store to further assist you. If you can’t come during orientation, you can come during regular business hours once classes have started.

When I sign up online, do I need to fill out my Dorm residence information?

If you know your information at signup then feel free to do so. If you don’t know it yet, don’t worry! You can let us know when you pick up your new laundry bag or send us an email with the information.

Do the owners of Wash U Wash actually wash and fold the clothes?

No. A reputable local laundromat washes and folds all of the clothes.

How do I check how many pounds of my plan I have used?

At any time you can enter your Bag ID # into the Check Account Balance feature on the website. This will then show you how many pounds of laundry you have used.

How do I pay for dry cleaning or the one-time wash service, without creating a debit balance?

You can pay for these services at the storefront by campus card, credit card, checks or with cash.