“I have used Wash U Wash’s wash & fold laundry service for the past two years and I couldn’t be happier with it. Not having to worry about doing my laundry on a weekly basis makes my life significantly easier, especially during the busy school year when laundry is the last thing I want to spend time doing. Wash-U-Wash always returns my clothes perfectly folded and clean. I will definitely be using the service again next year!”

– Jen S. Class of 2015

  “Last year, I used Wash U Wash’s dry cleaning service multiple times and will definitely use it again next year! Being able to drop off my dry cleaning on campus and pick it up two days later is unbelievably convenient and the prices are very reasonable. ”

– John D. Class of 2016

“Using Wash U Wash’s wash and fold laundry service last year made my life much easier. My laundry was always delivered when I expected it to arrive and the clothing was always perfectly folded, making it easy for me to keep my room neat and clean. I am looking forward to using the service again next year! ”

– Noah S. Class of 2016

“Wash U Wash is a real difference maker. They provide a convenient and reliable service, freeing me from one of my least favorite activities. I rarely have time to do my laundry, and found myself doing a poor job. Outsourcing my laundry was one of the best decisions of my college career. The owners are also reliable, so you know your laundry is in good hands. ”

– Will S. Class of 2015

“My experience with Wash U Wash was amazing. My clothes were always impeccably clean and folded; not one article was ever shrunk. It is a beautiful thing to get your laundry taken care of for you; I had so much more time to dedicate to activities around campus. Thanks Wash U Wash! ”

– Devon G. Class of 2017

“If you want to save time and have your laundry ready for you every week, Wash U Wash is there for you. It made everything easier for me while I was at Wash U. ”

– Adam L. Class of 2014

“Optimizing your time in college and spending 3 hours weekly to clean and fold your laundry do not mix. That is where Wash U Wash comes in! The service is as close as it gets to having your mother at school to do your laundry–without having to deal with your mom actually living in your dorm. The owners are extremely accessible and accommodating, and do everything possible to make sure your laundry gets picked up and done perfectly each week. Additionally, they are especially friendly and make anyone feel at home when you enter the storefront. One time, I left my car keys in my laundry and one of the owners, Dave, went to their laundromat immediately to get the keys for me. Overall, Wash U Wash is a great tool to make the busy and hectic life of a college student that much more manageable. ”

– Robbie M. Class of 2017