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Meet the Owners


Luke Lamb

Director Of Sales and Strategy

Luke is a freshman from St. Louis, Missouri planning to major in Entrepreneurship in the Olin School of Business. He is in charge of seeking out new partnerships and business ventures within WashU, as our Director of Sales and Strategy. A member of WashU’s Varsity Track and Field team, Luke is a proud Student-Athlete and is very excited to finally have a streamlined process for washing his sweaty track clothes. He has one very important question for all newcomers: How much wash would Wash U Wash wash if Wash U Wash washed WashU?


Ashley Lessen

Co-Director of Finance and Director of Data & Analytics

Ashley is a Freshman from Old Westbury, New York double majoring in Finance and Financial Engineering. She is Wash U Wash’s Co-Director of Finance and Director of Data and Analytics, ensuring all proper payments, maintaining business assets, and tracking sales. She is a member of the Women’s Varsity Tennis Team and received all-UAA honors. She is a member of Alpha Phi Sorority and likes to help the community through Moneythink and Wash U Hope. Ashley is a fierce competitor and never throws in the towel, unless it means more business for Wash U Wash!

Matthew Loebel

Director of Business Administration

Matthew is a sophomore from Larchmont, New York. He is majoring in Accounting with a minor in Marketing. As the Chief Business Administration officer, Matthew handles the operational, organizational, and managerial responsibilities for Wash U Wash. When he is not folding clean clothes, he is selling vintage watches. He is also the Director of Outreach for the Wash U Real Estate Club. Fun fact: Matthew is a TIDE-y guy.

Jennifer Lu

Co-Director of Finance and Director of Technology

Jennifer is a freshman from Acton, Massachusetts double majoring in Computer Science and Financial Engineering. She is Wash U Wash’s Co-Director of Finance and Director of Technology, maintaining the company’s detailed financial records as well as overseeing technological developments within the company. In addition to her duties with the company, Jennifer is a tutor for City Faces and a member of Campus Y’s Working so Animals Get Support group.

Jiya Singh

Director of Marketing and Communications

Jiya is a freshman from Long Island, New York planning to double major in Marketing and Finance. She is the Director of Marketing and Communications for Wash U Wash. Her main role involves customer outreach, advertising, and managing the company’s sponsorship opportunities. When she’s not telling all her friends to buy Wash U Wash, Jiya is the Director of Treks for the WashU Real Estate Club, Peer Mentor for Books & Basketball, an Associate for Consult Your Community, and a member of the Pi Beta Phi Fraternity. Jiya sometimes feels like our first president because she is Washing-a-ton!

Steven Schlau

Director of Operations

Steven is a sophomore from Armonk, New York, double majoring in Systems Engineering and Computer Science, with a minor in finance. As the Chief Operations Officer, Steven handles the day-to-day operations of Wash U Wash, with an emphasis on streamlining and optimizing all aspects of our service. On campus, Steven is the president of the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, as well as a member of Olin’s Case Competition Team: Arch Consulting, and both Alpha Kappa Psi and Sigma Nu fraternities. Having done laundry since the womb, Steven is here to help you with anything you may need!