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About Wash U Wash

About Us

Wash U Wash is a student-owned, student-operated company that has provided wash and fold laundry and dry cleaning service to the Washington University in St. Louis community for over 20 years. Passed down from student to student, Wash U Wash has maintained excellent relations with both the student population and the university administration. We are the only university-recognized laundry and dry cleaning service, and we have gone to great lengths to ensure high quality services and attentive customer care.

Why Wash U Wash?

SatisfactionAs students, we know how demanding the schedule of a typical student can be. This schedule forces students to prioritize responsibilities and laundry is one of the first chores to fall by the wayside.

Wash U Wash can help you:

Prevent Accidents

If you haven’t done your own laundry before, you will, almost inevitably, have a laundry accident. Unless you have no problem switching from all white underwear to all pink underwear, these accidents can be an extremely expensive way to remind yourself to separate whites and colors. Wash U Wash uses a professional wash and fold service provider to ensure that no laundry accidents will occur.

Make the Most of Your Time

Doing laundry takes time. Between the high demand for machines, the slow washing machines and the small, unreliable dryers, doing your laundry in the dorms at Wash U can turn into a marathon event. Students could use this laundry room time much more effectively by concentrating on schoolwork or participating in extracurricular activities. Wash U Wash allows students to use their time more effectively by eliminating these long stays in the laundry room.

Avoid Laundry Buildup

When students have many responsibilities, as they inevitably do during college, laundry is often one of the first responsibilities to be relegated down to the bottom of the priority list. Students who do laundry infrequently often run out of clean clothes and are forced to wear dirty (gross!) or unsuitable clothes (pajama pants in December or sweaters in May).

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